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Adima supply personnel with high levels of skills and experience within various fields to the mechanical industry, maritime industry and oil&gas industry, on- and offshore.

Adima Engineering


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Adima Energy






Adima Engineering is specialised in hiring and recruiting of engineers and administrative personnel, both to the maritime industry and the oil&gas industry.


Adima Industry is specialized in hiring out and recruitment of skilled operators for production and technical services, mainly to the maritime and land based industries.


Adima Energy is specialized in the provision of personell resources to the oil&gas industry, onshore and offshore. This includes operators, administrators and supervisors.

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Recent news
Adima on LinkedIn

To reach more «People with Solutions» we at Adima are using social media.

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New contract signed with Kværner Stord AS

Kværner Stord AS and Adima Energy AS have signed a new contract concerning hire of qualified personnel to Kværner Stord AS projects.

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Entering new contract with IKM TESTING AS

Adima Energy AS has entered a new contract with IKM Testing for supplying skilled personnel.

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New jobs vacant!

We show you where the jobs are. If you are looking for a new job, perhaps we have something that will interest you right now.

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